Ansmann ARE-2 4WD Touring Car

Ansmann ARE-2 4WD Touring Car

Out of the box and onto the racetrack! Grab the transmitter, put the pedal to the metal and enjoy all-wheel driving fun in its purest form. For maximum performance, powerful spurts and top speeds, the high performance electric motor’s acceleration power is mercilessly transferred to all four wheels via a cardan shaft, while the electronic speed control allows you to carefully dose the required power at all times. The torsionally stiff chassis with countersunk screws gives the vehicle extraordinary stability. A chassis with adjustable oil shocks offers maximum handling performance even in extreme situations. The ARE-2 chassis is more than just an alternative to the large nitro engine models; it offers convincing results with regard to performance, vehicle behaviour and appearance for both newcomers and seasoned RC car veterans alike. With its extraordinary price-performance ratio, the ARE-2 is sure to impress you, too!


Ansmann ARE-2 4WD Touring Car Features

  • Pre-assembled, high-quality all-wheel on-road chassis
  • Independent wheel suspension
  • Permanent all-wheel drive
  • Adjustable toe-in and camber for front axle
  • Adjustable camber for rear axle
  • Bevel differentials on front and rear axle
  • Pre-glued tyres on spoke rims
  • oil filled shocks
  • 2-channel radio system
  • Rear oil shocks
  • Upper chassis plate made of aluminium
  • Prop shaft driven
  • Foam front bumper
  • Fully ball bearing mounted
  • Chassis with countersunk screws
  • Covered spur gear
  • One piece aluminium motor mount

Ansmann ARE-2 4WD Touring Car Specifications

  • Motor Speed Racer RS 21T (25,300 rpm)
  • Length 440mm
  • Width 195mm
  • Wheelbase 255mm
  • Clearance 10mm
  • Height 120mm
  • Weight (without RC) 1,300g

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