Dare RC CORZ 1/10 EP Short Course Truck

Dare RC CORZ 1/10 EP Short Course Truck

CORZ 1/10 Electric Powered 4wd Short Course Truck This offroad animal will take you through any surface, be in onroad or desert trips. High on its wheels with grippy tyres and lots of power. The smooth shocks both front and rear will keep your car nailed to the tracks where-ever you go. The nicely pre-painted Short Course body has great looks and keeps the balance while doing large jumps too. The package includes the RTR chassis, pre-glued tyres, painted and pre-cut and decaled body, 2.4 gz radio-set, 1800 mA car battery, 540 motor and speedo to match.

Dare RC CORZ Short Course Truck Specifications

Class: 1/10 electric powered 4wd Short-Course truck
Wheelbase: 275mm
Length: 460mm
Width: 250mm
Height: 150mm
Ground clearance: 42mm
Wheel: 42mm
Radio: 2.4 ghz
Motor: Strong 540 type
Tyres: High grip SC offroad type
Top-speed: 60km p/h
Gear ratio: 8.13 to 1
Charger: included
Body: Short Course Truck, pre-cut/painted
Battery: 2300 mAh NIMH

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