Exceed RC 1/8 Monster Truck MadBeast Gas Powered

Exceed RC 1/8 Monster Truck MadBeast Gas Powered

The new generation of 1/8 Monster trucks are here with much newly added features and functions. The MadBeasts are the pioneering brand of the Nitrorcx Exceed RC 1/8 tectonics. If you thought the 1/8 tectonics were impressive prepare to be astonished by the innovative Mad Beasts. Everything from the ground-up has been reinvented and modified to enhance the delight of having fun with the RC once again.

For the first time in history, break through has come forth finally to have the world’s first reversible module to have reverse function in the MadBeasts. This massive monster truck comes with Level .28 engine for speed of swiftness, polished aluminum chassis to provide clean look as well as sturdiness, adjustable shocks to have perfect landing, a bigger fuel tank that can hold 270cc. The impressiveness of the MadBeast can be seen right out of the box when examine at first glance from the well-built interior to the magnificent exterior designs. From the front bumper to the back bumper all pieces have been build to last. Included in the MadBeasts are aluminum muffler for superior protection and better looks, and heavy duty metal gear steering servo so you don’t have to worry about it breaking. Even the rims are now hardened chrome rims and colossal tires to triumph over the world. Use the MadBeast to climb off road terrain, stony hills, rocky backyards, or wherever the road may take you. For the MadBeasts will lead the way to new standards for the RC world and conquer all.

The 4WD Engine-powered Monster Truck with reverse gear will Push your Imagination into overdrive!

Full Assembled Chassis with Painted body, and complete with Radio system!! Reverse gear, full ball bearings, all metal transmission gears, metal geared steering servos, this one has it all!!

Exceed 1/8 RC Monster Truck MadBeast Gas Powered

  • FX-2 Sport Radio& Engine 28 Level
  • WheelBase:15″
  • Weight:5.2kg
  • Polished 6061 Aluminum Chassis Plates
  • Massive pre-glued 6.75″ Tires Mounted on Hardened Chrome Rims With 17mm Hex Hub
  • 2-Speed Transmission
  • Heavy Duty Metal Gear Steering Servo
  • 270cc Flip-top Fuel Tank
  • Adjustable Threaded Aluminum Shocks
  • Aluminum Muffler
  • Hardeded and Coated Steel Gears
  • Multi-piece rollbar
  • Steel High-Temp Brake Disc
  • Heavy Duty Slipper Clutch
  • 3-Shoe Racing Clutch

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