FG F1 Competition model

If Formula 1 is the ultimate in full-size car racing, then FG’s latest Competition F1 chassis kit is surely the pinnacle of model race car technology! Made from a combination of materials including precision machined aluminium and carbon fibre, the F1 Competition chassis has been designed to give the lightest weight, yet greatest strength and rigidity. A multi-part polycarbonate body set is included which can be painted in the team colours of your choice.

 Specification FG Formula 1 competition model

  • 8mm Milled & Countersunk Alloy Chassis
  • Alloy & Carbon Fibre Ladder-Frame Chassis Design
  • Constant Shaft Driven 2WD
  • 26cc Zenoah Pullstart Petrol Engine
  • Tuned Pipe
  • Viscous Locking Differential
  • Hydraulic Brake System
  • Double A-Arm Suspension (Alloy Lower Rear)
  • Alloy Suspension Mounts
  • Alloy Hubs (Front & Rear)
  • Adjustable Inboard Alloy Oil Shocks
  • Carbon Fibre Rear Spoiler
  • Scale Wheels glued to High Grip Tyres

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