HPI Savage XS SS 4WD Mini Monster Truck

The Savage XS Gets the SS Kit Treatment!

Immediately after the Savage XS was released, our most hardcore fans started asking when the kit version would be available! Patience, we told them, let us get a few options parts released first! Well, now we’ve got a growing range of hot option parts released and the Savage XS SS is here!

Starting with the base Savage XS, we supply all the parts in a DIY build-it-yourself kit. Break out the tools, turn up the music and hide the phone – it’s building time! Our fully illustrated instruction manual takes you step by step to build the Savage XS to your exact specs. Full-size part references and exploded views help you get the kit built quickly and without fuss.

As a bonus, the Savage XS SS includes fantastic option parts to get you started on the customizations! For some extra bling you get aluminium shock absorbers with orange-anodized tops, bottoms and shock collars. A set of front and rear universal driveshafts give you extra efficiency and durability. For quick camber adjustments you also get a full set of adjustable turnbuckles. You can even add extra option parts as you build up the kit!

Finally, you get to choose the exact electronics that go in the truck. Choose a quick servo for fast, nimble action, or go with a powerful servo for stunt work. Fit in a 2S-capable motor/speed controller set for all-around action and speed run, or go totally mental with a 3S-capable combination!

It’s your choice with the Savage XS SS!


Savage XS SS Build It Yourself

A full, in-depth instruction manual with step-by-step instructions that allow you to easily disassemble and reassemble your car for maintenance and easy servicing. The manual also includes a handy parts list and full-scale drawings of the parts and hardware.


Savage XS SS Threaded Aluminium Shocks

Four aluminium-body threaded shocks give the suspension action you need to get out and blast through the roughest of tracks or off-road terrain. The aluminium shocks are lightweight and strong, and provide smooth and consistent damping. For extra style points, the shock caps and adjuster nuts are anodized bright orange for a cool custom look!

Savage XS SS Adjustable Turnbuckles

Tune your Savage XS SS for extra performance with this Adjustable Upper Arm set! It includes tough plastic rod ends with metal swivel balls and steel turnbuckles for awesome racing performance potential.


Savage XS SS Front and Rear Universal Driveshafts

Universal driveshafts offer more efficient transfer of power to the wheels, for higher speed and smoother suspension movement. These are machined from high strength steel for maximum durability, and are tougher than the stock dogbones and perfect for extreme driving conditions and wild stunts. The unique design is fully rebuildable and eliminates the set screw found on most universal dogbones, making routine maintenance easier.


Savage XS SS E-Clip Eliminator Suspension Shafts

Never worry about loosing an E-Clip ever again with the E-Clip eliminator suspension shaft set for the Savage XS SS – you get easy maintenance and parts replacement in one easy and convenient part!


Savage XS SS Choose Your Own Full Size Electronics

The Savage XS SS is designed to fit ‘full size’ 1/10th scale electronics, i.e. servo, speed controller, motor, battery and receiver. This gives the Savage XS SS the power of full size 1/10th scale motors and batteries and also compatibility with a huge range of hop up electronics.

For the best combination of power and driveability, we recommend the HPI #104924 Q-Base speed controller and the #106768 Flux Vektor 4000Kv brushless motor!


Savage XS SS Clear Body & Scorch 6-Spoke Wheels

Customize your Savage XS SS with your own unique paint scheme using the crystal-clear GT-2XS truck body! Moulded from crystal clear polycarbonate plastic for high detail, extreme durability and low weight, this is a great way to instantly customize your Savage XS SS!

Wrap up the custom look of your truck with the Scorch chrome 6-spoke wheels – an awesome custom look with maximum performance!


Savage XS SS Tough “Savage style” TVP Chassis

The chassis for the Savage XS SS is very similar to the nitro-powered Savage that we all know and love – the backbone consists of the TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) design, formed from two 5mm chassis plates, with the diff cases at either end providing significant stiffness and the transmission casing and motor plate forming load-bearing members of the structure.


Savage XS SS Waterproof Receiver Case

The Savage XS SS has a waterproof receiver box to keep your receiver protected from the elements for glitch-free operation. Add a waterproof steering servo and electronic speed control so your Savage XS SS won’t be stopped by wet conditions!


Savage XS SS Designed for LiPo Battery Power

The Savage XS SS is designed to use 2S or 3S LiPo packs. The battery box features vents to keep the battery pack cool, and we suggest using an official Deans® zero-loss battery plug to match the plug on the ESC.

Out of the box, the Savage XS Flux is optimized for 2S Lipo Power. 2S gives the best balance of handling and performance. Standing backflips? No problem!

But if you want to go for crazy top speed or simply brutal power upgrade to 3S LiPo batteries like the #101943 Plazma 11.1V 3800mAh! However, be aware with that much power you’ve got to know what you are doing! Depending on what you want to do and where you want to run the car you will have to adjust the gear ratio. Option parts #105809 & #6924 are required for 3S running in most situations like going off-road or doing stunt driving.

Savage XS SS All-metal Transmission Gears

The Savage XS SS features all-metal transmission gears to make sure that power delivery is uninterrupted and every jolt of power gets from the motor to the tires efficiently and with no worry of damage to the gears. The whole drivetrain runs on ball bearings for optimal efficiency, extra-long runtimes and mega-fast top speeds!


Savage XS SS Ultra Tough Over-sized Suspension

The over-sized suspension design makes the Savage XS SS extremely tough and capable of handling even the wildest bashing action. Aluminium 12mm hex hubs allow the mounting of almost all standard 1/10th scale wheels.


Savage XS SS Protective Chassis

The enclosed Savage XS SS chassis design protects all components from impact damage. All components like battery, Motor, and servo sit inside the protective chassis.


Savage XS SS All-Terrain Tires, 1/10th compatible

With the aggressive tread of the 2.2″ GT2 tires, you can go off-road to on-road with predictable handling. The center tread lines give you stability on paved surfaces while the blocky tread pattern and heavy-duty sidewall teeth provide grip for off-road terrain like dirt, mud, muck, leaves. They’re mounted on chrome 6-spoke 2.2″ wheels for tough monster truck styling. For maximum hop-up potential, the Savage XS SS accepts a wide variety of 1/10th scale 2.2″ wheels and tires, making customizing your truck easy!

Savage XS SS Features Summary

  • Self-build SS kit
  • Fits standard size 1/10th scale electronics of your choice
  • Waterproof receiver box
  • Aluminum shocks with threaded bodies
  • Orange-anodized shock hardware
  • All-metal bulletproof drivetrain
  • Front and rear universal driveshafts
  • E-Clip Eliminator suspension shafts
  • Tough steel adjustable turnbuckles
  • 2.2″ Savage XS tires
  • New design 6-spoke chrome-plated wheels
  • Shock towers have multiple shock mounting positions
  • Quick access to the front or rear differential by removing just 4 screws
  • Cam type servo saver
  • Spacious battery box w/locking battery box door
  • All socket head hardware
  • Dual pad slipper clutch
  • Full set of ball bearings
  • Aluminum motor plate with 4 motor mounting positions
  • Aluminum hex hubs
  • TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) chassis
  • Integrated chassis carry handle
  • Tough 4-gear differentials
  • Aluminum front and rear suspension braces
  • Stainless steel bulkhead lower plates
  • Front and rear skid plate bumpers

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