Kyosho 1/10 KF01 GP Formula Car

Kyosho 1/10 KF01 GP Formula Car

Kyosho brings the exciting experience of the NFO sponsored KYOSHO F-GPX racing competition to all motor sports fans with this special chassis kit version of the KF01 formula racing car including SIRIO 09 engine. Incorporating the R246 carbon main chassis (with 7075s grade aluminum engine plate) and carbon radio plate already released by RC Planning, the SP Kit realizes lighter weight with the optimal balance of flex and rigidity to produce smoother control and cornering performance. The inclusion of other optional parts such as the ball differential set that provides ideal traction and hard king pins for extra durability lift racing performance to an even higher level. This chassis set is designed to give you the edge, so just add a formula body to start your campaign to become champion!

3mm thick 17S grade Duralumin adds strength and durability to the simple, maintenance-friendly flat pan chassis design.

King pin and coil front suspension system uses turnbuckles on upper arms and also provides camber angle adjustment.

Incorporates the popular RA suspension from the Kyosho SPADA 09 on rear. Long suspension stroke adds greater flexibility and strength to running performance.

The 3rd body for KF01! Inspired by the unique 90s round nose design of the legendary formula cars.

Lightweight resin front and rear wings produce efficient aerodynamics in combination with low center of gravity across the chassis for improved speed and control.

Includes powerful SIRIO 09 engine that is easy to start and operate as well as a special muffler for effective noise suppression.
“NFO” approved vehicle for the “Kyosho F Grand Prix”.
Simple chassis design delivers optimal low center of gravity and precision control.
Approved Sirio 09 engine provides exciting race performance.
Tire choice, front camber angle and spring rate etc. provide simple setting choices to enhance running characteristics.
High grip rubber compound pneumatic tires produce precise grip without the setting oversensitivity.
High-grip pneumatic rubber tires realize precision grip without producing an over-sensitive setting.
Applying your own creative color scheme is easy with the form of the clear body.
Look forward to the continual development and release of optional upgrade parts.
Maintains a ground clearance of about 9mm so it can also be run on the bumpy surfaces such as parking lots.
Wide 200mm dimensions deliver high running stability.

KF01 Kit Contents

  • Chassis kit
  • SIRIO 09 engine
  • Special muffler & manifold
  • High-grip pneumatic rubber tires
  • Clear body
  • Resin front & rear wings

KF01 Chassis Technical Data

  • Length 414mm
  • Width 200mm
  • Height86mm
  • Wheelbase 267mm
  • Tread (F/R) 170/155mm
  • Tire(F/R) Φ 56×30/58×45mm
  • Gear Ratio 5.23:1

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