Kyosho Inferno VE Buggy

The best way to get started in 1:8 Scale Electric Buggy Racing “Kyosho Inferno VE”!

If you want to get started racing in the 1:8 scale electric brushless buggy class or you just want to know what it feels like to drive one, the new Kyosho Inferno VE Race Spec is the way to go! With a World Championship heritage from the most winning 1:8 scale manufacturer in the world Kyosho, comes a great new way to get started. This new all-in-one package offers everything you need to get started:  a chassis with all the racing parts included like a 2.4Ghz SYRCRO DSM radio system, sway bars, big bore shocks and a Team Orion Vortex 8 Brushless system with a 2000Kv motor that can propel the VE to 50meters in 3.5 seconds!

The Race Spec comes from the design DNA of the 8-time World Championship winning Inferno series at its core. The original VE chassis has been further enhanced and features front and rear stabilizers for improved cornering, spiral gears in both differentials, a much stronger steel spur-gear and a hard aluminum main chassis.

Also, included is the new Syncro 2.4Ghz RC system so, frequency headaches are a thing of the past! Just switch on the power for the fastest and safest control over your machine. With super fast control response and glitch-free, interference free, performance you have the ultimate control over your Inferno!

The other great feature is that its a Kyosho! Unparalleled quality and craftsmanship as well as a vast pool of upgrade parts and options are available to customize the VE any way you would like!

Kyosho Inferno features:

  • Syncro 2.4GHz Radio System  - LCD FHSS 2.4GHz rc system featuring dual rate function all pre-installed in the Inferno VE Race Spec
  • 4 channel KR-200 receiver
  • High Torque Servo – Equipped with a high torque KS-102BK servo for the best performance right out of the box.
  • Big Bore Shocks – heavy duty big bore oil shocks are included as a standard equipment. Strong 3.5mm Big Bore Shocks deliver smooth and effective damping for sure-footed performance on a wide range of surfaces.
  • Large Diameter Wheels – The new VE Race Spec comes equipped with the same strong wheels as the MP9 competition kit.
  • New Kyosho Tires – New micro-square pattern tires are pre-mounted giving you full traction on a wide range of surfaces.
  • Super Air Flow Body -  Includes a factory-painted body that efficiently channels airflow for a greater aerodynamic effect.
  • Composite torque rods -  in front and rear deliver optimal flexibility and rigidity along the chassis, increasing the effectiveness of the suspension for greater traction and consistent handling.
  • Full ball Bearings – Full ball bearings throughout the entire chassis for maximum efficiency.
  • Tough Buggy – Factory-assembled chassis shares the same tough characteristics and low center of gravity s the World Championship winning Inferno 7.5.
  • New Lower Suspension Arms – New thicker suspension arms adds overall strength to the already robust nitro platform.
  • Spiral cut  Gears – Precision machine-cut metal spiral gears in the front and rear differential ring and pinion delivers superior reliability, strength and efficiency.
  • Mud Guards – are installed on the rear suspension arms to prevent dirt from collecting on the drivelines and getting inside the wheels. Each aspect of the Inferno VE Race Spec has been carefully considered to perform under true racing conditions.
  • Compatible -  with most 7.5 series parts for unparallel performance upgrade path!
  • Adjustable Turnbuckles -  for quick chassis adjustments trackside
  • New Super High Air Flow Body – pre-painted and ready to go
  • Die-Cast EZ Gear Mesh Motor Mount -  that allows precise mesh adjustments
  • CNC Machined Steel Pinion Gear
  • Front Universal Driveshafts
  • Team Orion Vortex 8 System
  • Super Deans Plugs for reliable hi-current operation and 10 Gauge Wire
  • 17mm Wheel Hubs
  • Rear, Center and Front Differentials for Real full-time 4WD

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