Lauterbacher F1

The Lauterbacher F1

With the Lauterbacher F1 the formular-series in case of the big-scales becomes revolutionized.

Direct transission without belds, wishbones in F1 style with protection-system for front lower wishbones, cental distribution balance because the fuel-tank is placed in the center of the car, all that is just a part of the innovative development which is used in this car.

The car emphasizes with its well balanced and neutral roadability and the most important is – endless traction.

Because of that and because of the low weight of less than 11 kg, is that our new “weapon” which has not to be afraid of the rivals in international competitions.

The front and back suspension is built up on 4 small high quality shock absorbers which are actuated indirectly over pushrods. The as standard mounted antiroll bars in the front and back can be adjusted progressively. This way the car can be optimally adjusted for any track.

On the Lauterbacher F1 car the hydro-disc brakes are already mounted on  the aluminum steering knuckles.

Central placed fuel-tank, beldless transmission and the protection-system for front lower wishbones show a high measure of  techical innovation.

Lauterbacher F1 Standard content:

  • Preassembled chassis
  • Zenoah engine ZG 23 ORC 04 with airbox
  • adjustable 3-block competition clutch
  • Clear car body with carbon rear-wing
  • selflocking differential
  • 2 x or 4 x  hydraulic-brakes for front and rear
  • wishbones in F 1 style
  • PMT competition-tyres
  • steel-exhaust-pipe
  • complete transmission with gears (no belts)


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