Motonica P81RS

The Motonica P81RS

After a year and a half from its official release, the P81 becomes RS.

Designed on the base of the experience acquired from the most titled car in Europe, the P81 PRO, finalist in Lostallo World Championship 2009, European Vice-Champion 2010 and winner of 7 National Titles 2010, the new P81 RS is a concentrate of 18 months of races and victories worldwide.

Developed by Motonica R&D Team with the supervision of Stefano Solaroli and Stefano Puccinelli and suggestions by the best professional drivers, the improvements of P81 RS touch a wide range of items, from the shock absorbers to the new swing shafts, made out of special steels also used for the transmission shafts, from the PHS to the definition of more effective adjustments points.

Following some of the main new features:

  • Factory equipped 2 speed gearbox to improve engine power supply
  • Plastic parts made out of Polymer structure based talc, carbon and fibre glass enriched material
  • Aluminium is preferred over plastic on those parts that require more stiffness
  • PHS (Progressive Hardening System) is improved further with the new radio plate that allows strength and flexibility and make the car dynamic and able to give best performances also on high grip tracks
  • New and more precise adjustment points
  • Least but not last, the new colouring Purple-Orange and small graphic details

All these new features allow the new P81 RS to fit a wide range of conditions and make it the right car to face any kind of track…and win!

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