RS5 T11 Touring Car

The RS5 T11 Touring Car

The RS5 T11 Touring Car is pure high-tech RC car. At the developing of this machine was the only question: “what can we do, to get the car faster”. The Car has no compromise, they has the best materials that is possible to use on the Real Racing Sport. The concept of the RS5 Touring Car is completely different to the other Manufacturers Products. Our concept is closer to the Real Racing Sport then the RC Car Racing. This concept gives not only an impressive look for the car but its works very well.

RS5 T11 Touring Car Radical Carbon Monocoque Chassis concept

This type of building art, revolutionize the real racing sport at the end of the 80’s. And the RS5 revolutionize with this concept the RC car sport with his first car at 1999. Nobody use this concept before that. The Carbon is a very stiff but not rigid material. The advantage of this type of building is, that You have a very stiff and very light car. The other different between the Carbon and the alloy chassis is, boot are same stiff, but the Carbon will never bend. With the Carbon Monocoque Chassis concept combination of Height quality Ergal alloy (Swiss 7075), Our car is the stiffest and strongest 1/5 RC car of the Planet.

RS5 T11 Touring Car Full Adjustable Roll-Center

The RS5 Cars is the unique car that give You the possibility to adjust the Roll-Center of the car without any limitation, with Our spacer system. You can not only adjust the mounting points of the spacer at parallel direction. If You want You can move only one side of the wishbone to give the to the Car Anti-Drive our Anti-Squate.

RS5 T11 Touring Car Easy Front anti-roll bar adjusting system

All cars (RC and Real) are very sensible to the tweak of the anti-roll bars. With an wrong adjusted anti-roll bars You can newer catch the best times. So it is very important to this system must be every time 100% ok. RS5 cars You can easy adjust it with 2 (one at the bottom and one at the top) socket set screw. The RS5 Touring Car has 5 mm front anti-roll bars.

RS5 T11 Touring Car Easy Rear toe-in and Rear anti-roll bar adjusting system

The track-rod adjusted rear toe-in, is a the fastest way to make this set-up change on Your car. The rear wheel drive car is very sensible to this changing. When You have not enough toe-in on Your car, it will be sliding at every corner. So when you feel your car is not perfect, You only com to the pit and Your mechanic with 2 little movement change it and Your car is ok again. The anti-roll bar of an RS5 car You can easy adjust with 2 (one at the bottom and one at the top) socket set 4 mm screw rear anti-roll bars. screw. The RS5 Touring Car has

RS5 T11 Touring Car Easy differential change system

This is very important part of the car because the differential is a very important part of any Race Car. At an race weekend You remount Your diff often to adjusting they hardness. So when You can remount Your diff fast from Your car, You have more time to work with other part of the car.

RS5 T11 Touring Car Easy and safe caster adjusting system

With loosing 4 screws You can easy adjusting the caster of the car. This is very important part of set-uping an modern RC car. When You close the 4 screw you can be sure that will be every time the same place.

RS5 T11 Touring Car Camber adjusting with spacers

This system are help to You to change the Camber quickly on Your car. This method of adjusting on the RC racing sport, was the innovation of the RS5 Company.

RS5 T11 Touring Car Full Ball bearing Ergal alloy (Swiss 7075) Servo Saver system

At this Servo Saver is mounted 3 ball bearing (2 big and one small) for the most precision steering effect. With possibility to mount rubber, You can adjust the hardness of the Servo Saver.

RS5 T11 Touring Car Full Ergal alloy (Swiss 7075) wishbones

The RS5 wishbones made from Ergal (Swiss 7075) special alloy and they are mounted with high precision “Play-free” racing ball joints. This High quality ball joints has long lifetime and light movement.

RS5 T11 Touring Car High precision Hydraulic Brake

This brake was a long Years of developing and the result is an absolutely “bubble-free” brake with ultra sensible controlled mechanism. The steel brake pads and speciel GFK brake disks make an excelent brake performance to Your car at every condition.


Stage 1 Engine and Powertrain kit for Touring Car

You can choice the T11 Chassis kit with “Sage 1″ Engine and Powertarin kit. The “Stage 1″ kit includes the following equipnets: Zenoah Engine + R-Power Steel Exhaust + RS5 Self Locking Diff + 3 pad Race Clutch + TC airbox


Stage 2 Engine and Powertrain kit for Touring Car

You can choice the T11 Chassis kit with “Sage 2″ Engine and Powertarin kit. The “Stage 2″ kit includes the following equipnets: Zenoah Engine + R-Power Titanium Exhaust + LSDiff + 3 pad Race Clutch + TC airbox.

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