Serpent 411 TE Team Edition

Serpent 411 TE Team Edition

The development of the  Serpent 411 TC platform continues.  The below new features are added to the Team Edition kit. 

  • new RCM shocks ( with membrane)
  • top-deck flex 2mm ( chassis 2.25)
  • carbon Lipo holders
  • improved geardiff with new gears and new internal shafts
  • larger foam front bumper
  • longer rear anti-roll bar to use alternative link position on lower arm
  • alu ballraced steeringplate with adjustable Ackermann
  • spur-gear included
  • thicker / stiffer bodyposts
  • update manual booklet  411-TE


Serpent 411 TE Team Edition New RCM shocks ( with membrane)

The new Serpent onroad shockabsorbers with threaded hard coated shock-bodies, pre-load shock nuts with o-ring, membrames , supersmooth and strong shock-rods with nut to hold the piston, perfectly moulded pistons ( 1,2,3 and 4 holes in kit), toplevel o-ring package with machined bushings,  light spring-cups, strong balljoints.  Main advantage is better response of the shocks under hard sudden impact, e.g. when touching a curb.


Serpent 411 TE Team Edition Top-deck flex 2mm combined with chassis 2.25mm

The best package for flex proves to be the 2mm flextop-deck with 2.25mm chassis.  Other options available to try.

Serpent 411 TE Team Edition Carbon Lipo holders

To securely hold the Lipo-packs in place. Holder are mounted below the tape-guiders with or without spacers.

Serpent 411 TE Team Edition Improved geardiff with new gears and new internal shafts

The geardiff features newly made gears for even smoother operation. Gears run on 3.5mm shafts.

Serpent 411 TE Team Edition Larger foam front bumper

Increased size front foam bumper to better align with most popular bodies.

Serpent 411 TE Team Edition Longer rear anti-roll bar

This allows the use  of the alternative link position on front of rear lower arm.

Serpent 411 TE Team Edition Alu ballraced steeringplate with adjustable Ackermann

The Ackermann can be adjusted by using more or less shims, 2mm is quite common to use.

Serpent 411 TE Team Edition Spur-gear included

Serpent made super-true spur-gear included.  All other sizes gears for 48 and 64 dp available too, as well as hardcoated alu motor pinions.

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