Serpent 811-Be Cobra 1/8 4WD Buggy

Serpent 811-Be Cobra 1/8 4WD Buggy

Serpent 1/8 scale buggy in electric powered version. Serpent Cobra Buggy E. The Cobra 811e is based on the same platform as the gaspowered buggy. State of the art design of the central section, with advanced integrated standing servo, receiver, speedo bracket, ingenious motor-bracket and lay-down Lipo-pack configuration with practical lid-system. Extremely narrow and low design, optimised for overall weight balance. New low body-design and lower rear wing / wingmount. Shipping 2nd week october, so in the LHS shops by mid october 2011

The Serpent Cobra 811-Be is the next  superbly designed  offroad car in the Cobra family.  The Serpent Cobra buggy was launched in middle of 2010, followed by the Serpent Cobra-T  Truggy in may 2011.  Now World Champion Billy Easton created another masterpiece, based on his longtime experience in top-level offroad racing.

The Serpent Cobra-Be  follows the same design philosophy as with the gaspowered Serpent buggy and shares   most of the same components as well. The whole central section with battery-slots, esc and receiver holder, servomount and motormount, chassisplate, rear wing /  wingmount and the bodyshell are the key new developments in the Cobra-Be.

Keeping the weight  as low as possible, easy access to batteries, ESC and motor, and retaining a perfect balanced and fast car under all circumstances were the main goals to create a race-wining design.   This Serpent / Easton design  is  not about just replacing gaspowered elements  with electric power, but  a dedicated design which uses the available space in an optimal way, fully aimed at electric power use and ready to cope with extreme power of todays brushless motors.

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