Tamiya F104 Pro

Tamiya F104 PRO 

All New Direct Drive

This 1/10 scale assembly kit R/C car features a direct drive system which produces sharp handling response. The battery is placed in a new longitudinal position allowing for a slim body design to mimic the dimensions of today’s modern racing machines. The R/C units are positioned on either side of the battery for optimum balance to assists in producing the excellent handling performance. Suspension features a simple and proven 3-point system. Front upper arms are connected to uprights with ball connectors, and the front ground clearance can be easily adjusted by altering the spacer positions. Rear suspension features the combination of carbon friction plates, a FRP T-bar, and a TRF damper. In matching its name “PRO”, other high-spec parts such as carbon upper & lower decks, aluminum diff housing, and a carbon rear shaft are included to take you to the next level of R/C excitement.

For the Realism

The realistic polycarbonate body features separated side pontoon parts to depict the shaved side edges seen on modern racing cars. Also features 3-dimensional front and rear wings, rear diffuser, side mirrors, and aerofoil suspension arms for enhanced realism. The lightweight sponge tires offer excellent gripping power and are mounted on large diameter wheels which have ribbed rims to make it look smaller for great scale realism.

The upper arm is connected to an upright with ball connector. By reorganizing the upper arm attachment holes, the camber angle can be adjusted. Also, ground clearance can also be adjusted by switching spacer positions.

High precision aluminum diff housing provides a smooth power transmission and holds the housing together allowing for an easy wheel change.

Tamiya F104 Pro specifications 

  • Length: 410mm
  • Width: 180mm
  • Wheelbase: 270mm
  • Tread: 150mm (Front), 145mm (Rear)
  • Tire Width/Diameter: 30/44mm (Front), 35/44mm (Rear)
  • Carbon lower and upper decks
  • Horizontally mounted motor rear direct drive 2WD
  • Ball differential
  • Symmetrical steering tie rods
  • Suspension: Kingpin coil spring (Front), T-bar rigid (Rear)
  • Gear ratio=4.16:1 (when used with 25T pinion and 104T spur gears)
  • 540 Type motor
  • Requires Electronic Speed Controller (Sold Separately).

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