Tamiya F201 4WD

Tamiya F201 4WD

The Tamiya F201 was Tamiya’s first try at a 4WD formula one car, and it was very short-lived. Outwardly it was a boon to scale enthusiasts, but a badly delayed initial release and host of out-of-the-box issues limited its commercial success, and it was relegated to niche status. While the 2WD series Formula 1 cars have enjoyed several comebacks, interest in the F201 has only continued to wane.

Tamiya F201 Monocoque chassis combines weight savings and durability. Slim form houses compact 4WD mechanisms for ease of control. Inboard suspension adds F1 authenticity. Front and rear transmission employ ball differential gears with full bearings for superior drive performance.

Tamiya F201 Mid-ship mounted Sport-Tuned motor transfers power to four wheels via propeller shaft for easy and stable driving.

Tamiya F201 Push rod type suspension features horizontally mounted oil dampers. Front suspension employs a clear resin stabilizer on underside.

Basic Specifications Tamiya F201 4WD

  • Overall length: 428mm
  • Overall width: 196mm
  • Overall height: 100mm
  • Minimum clearance: 5mm
  • Weight fully equipped: 1,480g (including TP-S3003 servo, CPR Unit, RC2400SP battery)
  • Wheel base: 280mm
  • Tread (f/r): 164/159mm
  • Chassis material: ABS resin
  • Chassis type: monocoque Steering tie rods: divided in two segments
  • Suspension (f/r): double wishbone
  • Caster angle (f/r): 9deg./0deg.
  • Camber angle (f/r): variable
  • Toe angle (f/r): variable
  • Dampers (f/r): oil dampers
  • Drive train: shaft driven midship full-time 4WD
  • Gear ratio: 5.88:1(kit standard)
  • Diff gear system (f/r): ball diff
  • Full ball bearings (24 in all)
  • Speed Controller: electronic speed controller
  • Tire width/diameter: 37mm/64mm
  • Tread pattern (f/r): grooved tires Includes Tamiya Sport-Tuned motor

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