Tamiya TRF 417

July 2010 saw the Tamiya Racing Factory (TRF) team and ace team driver Marc Rheinard win the IFMAR World Championship with the TRF 416X. Already with an eye on winning the 2012 IFMAR World Championship, Tamiya is proud to introduce the newly developed TRF 417. Although it has the same superb high traction characteristics as the TRF 416, the overall balance of the layout has been reexamined and specially designed for use with lithium batteries and brushless motors.

Some new developments of the TRF 417 include a new motor position, increased motor mount rigidity, an improved secondary gear ratio reduction, optimized chassis layout, re-designed steering linkage, and extra durable ball diffs. All these new changes allow the machine handle superbly while cornering. Also loaded on the TRF 417 is an assortment of proven parts seen on the TRF416X such as short reversible suspension arms and uprights with 1050 ball bearings which help reduce friction loss experienced when cornering. In addition, the TRF 417 comes with identical front and rear bulkheads and is compatible with a wide variety of TRF parts. Come and try the high performance and superb cornering handling performance of the TRF 417.

Using a 19T center pulley, the secondary gear ratio reduction becomes 1.94, which is very close to the ideal rate for brushless motors. With this, flexing resistance on drive belts is reduced and speed loss is minimized when the throttle is off. It also comes equipped with a 113T spur gear and the motor position is shifted forward. In addition, newly designed ball diff housing and diff plates provide extra durability.

One Piece Motor Mount
The one piece motor mount offers extra strength and durability to handle high power motors, enabling transmission of the motor power to the drivetrain with minimal friction loss. The center shaft is supported by aluminum posts on both sides. Compared to the TRF 416X, the motor mount has been moved forward and toward the center for optimized balance and cornering grip.

The newly designed steering linkage is not connected to the upper deck, providing improved flexibility to hold traction during cornering. It also features an optimized steering layout design which improves the center of gravity and cornering characteristics of the Ackermann system. In addition, the TRF 417 is equipped with identical front and rear bulkheads and is compatible with a wide variety of parts.


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