Team Associated SC10 4X4 LCG Alloy Chassis

Team Associated SC10 4X4 LCG ALLOY CHASSIS

The new machined alloy LCG center chassis for the SC10 4×4 has arrived! The main complaints with the stock SC10 4×4 is that the truck has a high center of gravity that causes the truck to easily traction roll in high grip conditions, is too light which cuases it to lose out against door bangings when runing against heavier trucks and does not feel as stable as the heavier Losi trucks. This new chassis adds over 5oz to your truck and mostly at the lowest part of the truck- the main chassis for a more sure footed, planted feel. Track testers are reporting a much smoother easier to drive truck that stays absolutely planted at high and low speeds and jumps and lands much more easily without the erractic feeling of the stock truck.

100% billet machined 6061chassis with hard anodized gun metal finish and laser etched Exotek logos.

Stiffer center section will help eliminate the reports of the belt from coming off of the front pulley due to the flex of the stock chassis.


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