TRG111 Formula 1

Technical Racing Gear (TRG) from Japan soon release this stunning looking 1/10 scale Formula 1 kit. Being a development of their TRG-109 chassis the conversion kit for Tamiya F103 and F104 chassis makes use of only a couple of stock parts such as the bearings, parts of the rear axle, wheels as well as the front and rear wing. The remainder of the car is new and incorporated a large quantity of aluminium and carbon fibre parts. The chassis is designed for stick LiPo batteries but looking at the battery compartment underneath the central shock absorber also saddle-packs should fit with the electronics mounted behind the low-profile steering servo. Interesting construction details are the front end with lower carbon fibre wishbones and the rear side dampers that sit in-line with the central oil-filled shock but are actuated via a 90 degrees bracket.


Adjustable front link suspension

  • Fully adjustable for camber and caster angle
  • Having the best front tire grip related with better weight balance
  • Simple design with W-ball kingpin, turn-buckle upper arm
  • Light weight and easy maintenance

Long wheel base

  • TRG109 & Tamiya F103: 260mm(steering block trail 0mm inline)
  • TRG111: 270mm (+10mm/steering block trail 0mm inline)
  • Longer wheel base make the car more stable thus more setup possibility to be more aggressive. Better balance for the center of gravity makes the car stable and constant grip for front tire. It is also possible to change to shorter wheel base(260mm) simply by switching a carbon lower brace and motor mount plate from previous TRG109 for technical track

Inline battery mount position

  • Reduce the roll movement
  • Controllable for pitching motion
  • Improve the drivability at high speed
  • Optional: Separate 6 or 5 cells battery plate

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