Vox Engines OTTO V.1 RALLY


Vox introduces “OTTO”, its first line of competition engines for 1:8 scale Rally.

VOX OTTO V.1 RALLY is the result of the combination of production expertise and parts resizing aimed to obtain a new weights distribution in order to optimize the centre of mass of the car which is determining to obtain the maximum performances.
The weight of the head block is 15% lower than the category standards without affecting in any way the cooling efficiency.
The inside components are the result of a careful design and material choice and special attention is paid in the final assembly process as well to grant the maximum quality standards.
VOX OTTO V.1 RALLY ensures high performances and reliability in line with the State of Art of competition engines.

A new concept for the engine head and weight distribution
VOX OTTO V.1 Rally ensures high performances and reliability in line with the highest standards of competition engines. Inside components such as piston, cylinder and crankshaft are especially tuned for better performances.

VOX OTTO V.1 RALLY Technical
Micro Engine for RC Models

  • Class: .21
  • Weight: 330gr
  • Capacity: 3.49cc
  • Power: Hp 2.6
  • Rpm: 36000
  • Stroke: 16.80mm
  • Bore: 16.26mm
  • Cylinder/PistonPorts 7 + 2 by pass
  • Start: External
  • Cranckshaft: 14 mm Turbo
  • Carburettor: Allu 9mm Slide – Double adjustments
  • Spark Plug: Turbo
  • Exaust system: Rear
  • Fuel: 25% nitro

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